Reading and learning, concluding the rigidity of Henri Cartier Bresson, perhaps even a lack of empathy? It was planted as a small seed in my photographic opinion. As if he photographed with passion for photography and composition and not for the photographic content and emotion of the  moment. Now, at the end of this unit, I cannot help thinking about Gothe: Emotion over Reason. How meaning and purpose tend to create authenticity in emotion and therefore elicit emotion, how chill Berlin images in Wafenruhe can have more feelings than a seemingly romantic Parisian moments in The Decisive Moment. How my ideas changed in this short time, how my interpretation changed on earlier readings, it will probably change more in the future, no emotion in is no emotion out.

“… because a man may express his emotions by means of lines, colours, sounds, or words, and yet may not act on others by such expression; and then the manifestation of his emotions is not art…”(Leo Tolstoi)

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