The most difficult of the learning outcomes; A coherent and motivated set of 4-6 images representing my best work during this course unit.  During the assignments and tutor comments, the word “wobbly” was introduced and never left the scene. A personal flaw perhaps, instantly noticed by my tutor of course: slightly chaotic, very impatient, lack of focus. It brought me plenty of good things in life, but it shows it lesser signs now, during this unit. In the end, this was my biggest learning result, more focus, think before acting, conceptualize better and don’t rush. It came together during the exercise The Distance Between us. It was a more ongoing practice, a combination of The Decisive Moment and Photography is Simple. Either in approach, using tutor feedback and using the combined reading and research. The emotion of interaction between photographer and subject captured in a moment, closing the gap, a spark of mutual connection, with a hint of sadness of captivity.

Selected Body of Work

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Collating log entries

The log entries that have the most influence on this selection and exercise are the following ones: